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With no prior background, he created a business conglomerate with the technology and expertise to match the highest international standards. His dream not only changed his life, but the lives of thousands of people. His employees, his clients and the common people with benefitted from the company's products and other activities. His mantra is "Whatever you do, excel in it. And in that, lies philosophy and success of Balmukund Group of Industries.

BALMUKUND TMT has strengthened its share in the industry by optimizing its resources and adopting aggressive marketing strategies. With business acumen and professional excellence, the company aims to retain the position of leadership by developing highly functional TMT bars and other steel products.

Vision & Mission

We aim to be a globally trusted and committed supplier of TMT Bars and Billets to the satisfaction of our customers and to encourage the spirit of leadership amongst our dedicated team by Managing our business with integrity and highest ethical standard.

The company considers itself as a part of an environment made up of employees; surroundings and the people in a community that directly and indirectly impinges on its operations. As a socially responsible organization, we plowback part of what we earn to improving lives, conserving the environment and leaving behind a legacy of which our successors will be proud.

BALAJEE superior design, engineering and quality manufacturing process provides the ideal strength and flexibility required in today’s construction industry.

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